DOK Leipzig 28 October – 3 November 2019
62nd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
DOK Leipzig Film Festival

Sankara Is Not Dead

Sankara Is Not Dead

Stay or leave? This is the question Bikontine, a writer and intellectual from Burkina Faso, is thinking about. Should he leave his home to find new perspectives elsewhere or should he stay and contribute to the attempts to organise better politics? Bikontine does not want to choose lightly. So he sets out to cross Burkina Faso, once from the southwest to the northeast, along a railway track that guides him. This route is also meaningful with regard to Bikontine’s political hopes, for it was built at the time of departures under the revolutionary Thomas Sankara, who was assassinated in 1987. Only recently did the Burkinabe force his hated successor Blaise Compaoré to resign. So Bikontine is travelling along a spatial and a historical axis, talking to people and sometimes to the ancestors. With her film, Lucie Viver, who accompanied him, opens up a country and introduces an impressive man.

Bert Rebhandl


Original Title: Sankara n’est pas mort Country: France Year: 2019 Language: Dioula, French, Mòoré Subtitle: English Runtime: 109 min. Format: DCP Color: Colour Director: Lucie Viver Producer: Eugénie Michel-Villette Cinematographer: Lucie Viver Editor: Nicolas Milteau Music: Rodolphe Burger Sound: Dominique Vieillard Script: Lucie Viver

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